Amazing Animals Writing Practice

Writing Practice: Amazing Animals

Search the internet for an amazing story of an animal. For example, a story of a talking animal or an animal who saved someone. Read and summarize the story in at least eight sentences. Find a video and pictures if possible. Be ready to talk about your amazing animal story in the next class. (Example below…)

Example: The Story of Koko the Gorilla

Koko the Gorilla is a gorilla who can understand and communicate with humans! She was born in the San Francisco Zoo in 1971. Koko became sick a year later, and a researcher named Dr. Penny Patterson helped Koko recover. They then started working together so Dr. Patterson could learn more about psychology. Dr. Patterson decided to teach Koko how to understand and communicate in English using sign language. The research has been going on since then, and two more gorillas, named Michael and Ndume, have joined the research. They have all worked so closely together that Dr. Patterson and the gorillas have very special and unique relationships. The researchers have to “listen” to the gorillas and try to understand what they mean–a very difficult task. Nevertheless, Dr. Patterson has taught Koko how to use over 1000 words in sign language. Koko can also understand about 2000 spoken words in English. Michael the Gorilla died in 2000 and was also fluent in sign language and a good painter. Ndume and Koko are still alive and can both use sign language. Further research has also shown gorillas have their own natural gesture-based language like sign language.