Identify the parts of speech. Make sure to identify all nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

nouns: n verbs: v adjectives: adj adverbs: adv

  1. Tara picked a fresh rose out of the garden for her aunt.
  2. Do you know anyone with a rose garden?
  3. The sleeping bear cubs rose and patted their mother for attention.
  4. We will book a hotel room before leaving for our trip.
  5. Calvin bought a new book in his favorite series.
  6. Bob could not give his dog enough attention.
  7. You look great in that new vest!
  8. Do not let the dog near the fence with the horses.
  9. After dinner, Sam helped us with our homework.
  10. Send me your email address tomorrow with Mary.
  11. Bonnie could barely carry the heavy box of lettuce.
  12. The sick horse could not breath through her nose.
  13. Sara needs more yellow paint to finish the portrait.
  14. Yellow is a warm color.
  15. I ate some baby carrots for lunch.
  16. The newborn baby cried all night.
  17. My dad will baby his new car by waxing it every week.