Take a look at these words and look up the ones you don’t understand.

  1. superficial
  2. tight-knit
Content Questions

Next, take notes while watching. It may help to turn on the subtitles. Try to find the answers to these questions.

  1. What was her process?
  2. What did she find was wrong with her profile?
Discussion Questions

Next, discuss.

  1. What do you think was the problem with her original method?
  2. What specific aspect of her strategy do you think people can use?
  3. What problems do you see with her process? What makes it impractical?
  4. This video was posted October 2, 2013. How has the world of online dating changed since then?
Answers (No cheating!)


  1. She created the ideal guy for her, check the messages, pictures, etc.
  2. Messaging style, photos, description, etc.


  1. Multiple Answers
  2. She created the ideal guy for her. (Other answers possible)
  3. Creating fake profiles. (Other answers possible)