Introduction: Driverless Cars of Greenwich

Introduction: Driverless Cars of Greenwich


Watch the following video on YouTube.

The Driverless Cars of Greenwich by Tom Scott

Watch it at speed 0.75x and turn on “English (United Kingdom)” Subtitles. (See image below.)

It also may help to turn on the transcript. Do this by clicking on the three dots in a line near the up and down vote thumbs.

Make sure to choose “English (United Kingdom)” because “English (auto-generated)” is the default.

Content Questions

Next, read the script while listening. Try to find the answers to these questions.

  1. What do you first realize about the car?
    1. Should driverless cars look like regular cars?
    2. Should driverless cars have steering wheels?
    3. What would affect adoption rates of driverless cars?
  2. What was the law he mentioned? (Rewatch or use the transcript to help you if needed.)
    1. What has changed since the law he mentioned was put into place about 150 years ago?
    2. How can we apply what we learn from this example of history and apply it to our situation with driverless cars today?
      1. Should we change, or is it okay to be apprehensive about the safety, etc. of driverless cars?