Doing only practice tests is not a good idea.
  1. Only doing practice tests will not improve your English level nor prepare you for the test.
  2. TOEIC tests your English level. Improving your English will also improve your TOEIC score. Study English as a whole to improve your English level.
  3. They do have their use, though. Why should you do practice tests?
    1. They should only be used to practice the timing to complete so many questions in time.
Read every day.

What to Read – Click here for good reading practice!

  1. News
  2. Editorials and Opinion Pieces (OpEd) are the writer’s opinion.
    • Try to find the fact and the opinion.

Reading Strategies – Click here for more good reading strategies!

  1. Read once for speed (Try to go as fast as you can. Do not look up any words.)
  2. Ask yourself these questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? (Scanning) Okay to look up new words if you have time.
  3. Read fast (skim). Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything.
  4. It might help to read the questions fast (skim) before reading the article.
  5. After reading the questions, scan for the answers.
Know English prefixes, suffixes, roots and how to use them.
  1. Prefixes come before the root.
  2. Suffixes come after the root.
  3. The root is the base word.
Know the English parts of speech and how to identify and use them.

The Most Common English Parts of Speech:

  1. nouns: people, places, things, ideas. The subject is always a noun.
  2. verbs: the action of the sentence
  3. adjectives: modify nouns only
  4. adverbs: modify verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. They usually end in -ly.
  5. pronouns: a word which substitutes for another noun
    1. I, you, he, she, it, they, we
  6. prepositions: “pre” = “before” These come before a phrase with extra information. They do not contribute to the number of the sentence.
  7. articles: come before nouns
    1. a/an (for singular nouns), the (for nouns)
  8. conjunctions: connect words, phrases, sentences, etc.
    1. and, but, or, either…or, neither…nor, yet, so, etc.
  9. There are more…


  1. Mark all of the nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, and articles.
  2. For all adjectives, show which noun they modify.
  3. For all adverbs, show which adjective, adverb, or verb they modify.
  4. Underline the subject, and italicize the verb.

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