Discuss the following questions. Don’t just answer each question: be sure to expand, creating a conversation.

Would you quit your job and take a job where you make half as much money, but have twice the free time and less stress?

When is it acceptable to live with one’s parents? Do you live with your parents now? Would you ever consider moving back in with your parents? What kind of situation would you need to be in for you to move back in with your parents?

People used to get married young, and now people are getting married later in life. Around what age have most of the people you know gotten married? When do you think is a good time to get married?

Do you have most of your social interaction online or in person? What is the current trend? What do you think about each type of social interaction?

Do you think it is important for a family to eat dinner together on a regular basis? What are some things families do to bond?

What do you think about people going back to college or school to get a degree or GED? How about senior citizens?

What are the differences between earning a degree or studying online or in class? What do you think about degrees earned online?

What would you do if you had lots of free time? Would you volunteer? Would you start a business? Would you relax?

Who is someone you look up to? Are there any public figures you think we should respect?

Who is someone you do not look up to? Are there any public figures which you think we should not respect and do not deserve fame?