You will be given an issue to debate in the next class. You should research all sides of the issue. You will not be told which side you will have to debate. Making outlines of all sides of the issue will help you organize your thoughts. You may use the outline or any notes as a guide during the debate.

Debate Format

Debates can be done with any number of people, but for this example, let’s assume there are two people. Someone is chosen at random to start (or the chosen person can choose weather to start first or let the other person go first), and the two people switch being the first to answer after each question.

The goal of this activity is fluency, forming complex sentences, and respoinding to comments under time pressure.

  1. Introduction 60s each
    1. Introduce yourself. Say thank you for the opportunity to be there today. Explain your position.
  2. Question 1: 90s Answer (Person A)
    1. Answer the question and explain why. More general discussion is okay after answering the question.
  3. Question 1: 90s Answer 2 (Person B)
  4. Rebuttal: 30s (Person A)
    1. Reply to their answer. You don’t have to fill the whole time, but you cannot go over.
  5. Switch/Repeat
  6. Conclusion: 60s each
Possible Debate Topics


  • self-driving cars
  • genetically modified organisms
  • $15 minimum wage
  • guaranteed income
  • abortion
  • deforestation